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Invest with us in the future with cooperative token NSRT.

Conditions for investors:

The NSRT cooperative token is an innovative version of the cooperative electronic share on the blockchain, the Digital Bank BRICS platform.
The platform carries out exchange circulation of tokens in the closed and secure Digital Bank BRICS ecosystem.

The NSRT token has grown by more than 500% since its release in 2020.

The token has passed tests on cryptocurrency exchanges in Asia and Europe and is currently traded on a specialized closed crypto exchange.
Trading takes place only between major players.
Corporate clients can take part in closed trading: investment companies and funds.
Minimum entry threshold from
10 000 000 USDT

Offer for private investors.

Private investors can purchase NSRT cooperative tokens under the following conditions:

• minimum amount: 50 NSRT;
• repurchase of tokens by the platform is carried out in accordance with the offer agreement;
• resale of tokens to other persons is allowed at any time, after re-signing the offer agreement with the new token holder and entering his wallet into the registers;
• it is prohibited to leave NSRT tokens as collateral.

The current rate of the NSRT token is displayed in the MetaMask wallet immediately after the tokens are credited.
Holders of the NSRT cooperative token will be able to see the token rate 24/7

MetaMask is the world leader in wallets for storing cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

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